ForestWalk creates fast, intuitive software that make sense of complex data. Our team brings together developers, economists, geographers and data scientists with vast international experience. Together, we work to bridge the gap between hard-to-find information and the people who need it.

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A new way to know your people

Population Explorer is the foremost application to instantly retrieve population and demographic data for anywhere in the world. Population Explorer is a simple yet revolutionary tool for understanding your target groups.

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How it works

Population Explorer allows users to access data by navigating the mapping interface and highlighting, uploading or drawing their areas of interest. Receive access to global administrative boundaries, or just create your own with our drawing tool. Have a custom sample area? No problem, simply upload and save your own map boundaries. 

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    Quality, high-resolution data for the entire world
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    Quick and simple map visualizations of your target groups
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    Access to global, high resolution demographic data
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    Save, share and collaborate with coworkers
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    Population density mapping
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    Data services and support

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Save projects      

Population Explore now automatically saves all your work. No longer will you lose your valuable research after logout. It will be there until you delete it.

Upload your own maps      

Do you have custom maps? No problem, simply upload your own file. The New Population Explorer allows users to upload any two dimensional shp file. Upload public zip code maps, natural disaster maps and many more.

Create custom maps      

Can't find a map for the geography you're interested in? Just create your own with the drawing tools and save it for future use.

Maps for every country      

Find the geographies important to your organization with hundreds of pre-loaded global, national and sub-national maps arranged by country.

Global Age and Gender Data      

Improve product and service targeting in data poor geographies with access to high resolution age and gender data.

Global Population Data      

Population Explorer currently includes population data for every square kilometer of habitable land on the planet. This granularity means that populations for small villages, city neighborhoods, and remote locations is no longer out of reach.

Advanced Support      

Advanced support puts your organization in direct contact with one of our talented staff to assist with setup, troubleshooting, customization and anything else.

Corporate Trial      

Want to make sure Population Explore is right for your organization? We will provide you with a corporate trial whereby a large number of employees can access the application and collaborate. You will also experience advanced support, and an extend trial time.

Custom Projects (COMING SOON)      

Want to talk custom data, custom maps, or custom tools? Custom Projects will get you on the right path.

Chat support      

Have a question? Leave us a message we will get back to you.

Collaboration features      

Need to see what your coworker is working on? Simply included them in your working group. Population Explorer includes collaboration features allowing a team to quickly share their research with each other.

Demographic density      

Population Explorer now allows you to view customized demographic densities. Select the age and gender you’re interested in and immediately be shown a density map of where you customized demographic is located, anywhere in the world.

Professional Services

Our team of data analyst are here to help you derive the most impact from your data.

Contact for more information.

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    Custom Datasets
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    Target Analysis
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    Data Migration
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    Custom Projects

About us

We’re driven to create cutting-edge technology that is both commercially viable and helps to drive social change.

ForestWalk designs unique software applications that make research and development more efficient for both commercial and social sectors. We develop our applications through commercial funding, providing uniquely powerful tools that reduce market inefficiency and waste. At the same time, we offer time-and-life saving research services to humanitarian and environmental organizations. Our ultimate goal is to supply reliable, accurate, global data to everyone - to close the gap between data providers and the software that people use to view it.

Management team

  • Ben Watkins Chief Executive Officer

    An Oxford-trained economist, Ben has spent most of his career managing companies and running large technology and research projects for humanitarian and commercial organizations. He’s developed models to predict food insecurity, provided international policy advice, and is currently researching practical ways to measure climate resilience. Ben lives in New York and enjoys camping with his kids and writing comedy theater.

  • Eric Nussbaumer CTO and Chief Data Scientist

    With a PhD in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, Eric is fascinated by the potential of big data and statistical modelling to solve real human problems. He’s spent 10 years developing decision and forecasting tools for aid agencies, startups and major research institutes. Eric lives in Colorado, where he enjoys hiking, skiing, and hanging out with his kids.

  • Rob Rose Chief Operating Officer/Chief Marketing Officer

    A geographer and GIS specialist, Rob has spent much of his career creating solutions to complex human problems in Africa and Asia. In the 1990s, he was one of the first internet users in East Africa, helping to download satellite imagery for famine prediction and warning. In the last decade, Rob has been working with startup management and software marketing for African-based companies. In his spare time, Rob loves fly-fishing and is an avid falconer.

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